WTMS Operator Modules: Clips

Watch the following clips to get an overview of what’s in each Operator module.

Operator Module 7: Smart Placement Principles 8-14

In this, the fourth and final Smart Placement module, your associates learn and apply the remaining seven principles. The Could-Be Map remains the paper laboratory. This time, however, they focus on larger, more abstract principles of flow: Let the flow do the work; Do major and minor sorts; Design to task; Use the existing architecture; Store things/not air; Double the function; and Use the natural flowline. These powerful principles help associates dive deeper into the motion caused by un-conscious functional location.

When ready, teams present their thinking to management for appreciation and—as needed—authorization. Between this module and the next, the way is paved for actual changes to the existing layout of work.

“Exceptional, viewing the workplace through the eyes of value-add
associates—instructing, coaching, and guiding us through a visual conversion.”
Alice W. Lee
VP, Business Transformation, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center