WTMS Operator Modules: Clips

Watch the following clips to get an overview of what’s in each Operator module.

Operator Module 8 The Visual Where: Borders

Now that operators have improved the current location of function in their area through Smart Placement principles, they are ready to “nail” those locations in place through the visual where. That process begins with borders, the focus of Module 8.

In it, associates learn what borders are, how they work, and why they are considered the single most important element in achieving visual order—order you can see/order that functions.

When operators commit to applying borders as a regular and required part of their visual conversion, they not only lay down the pattern of work but begin to learn and master a visual, visible vocabulary of performance. Borders embed and stabilize performance, even as they provide natural communication links within and between departments. Borders are fundamental to the flow and precision of work.

“Exceptional, viewing the workplace through the eyes of value-add
associates—instructing, coaching, and guiding us through a visual conversion.”
Alice W. Lee
VP, Business Transformation, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center