Ep 13. Success Infrastructure part 3: Laminated Map. Hit List. Blitz

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What is the set of practices and mechanisms that must be in place before your company can successfully launch a process that establishes continuous systematic improvement as a way of life in the enterprise?

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This week’s show on Visual Workplace Radio is the third and final in a series that describes that. In it, your host and visual workplace expert, Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth, describes the last three of the eight requirements she considers indispensable, in this case, for a highly-effective deployment of workplace visuality. They are: the Laminated Map, the Area Hit List, and the Visual Workplace Blitz. Working together, these processes help us find, hold, and drive meaningful improvement outcomes. Join Gwendolyn as she drills deeper into the vital behind-the-scenes preparation that supports the march of improvement through your work areas, across functions, and onto your bottom line. Once again, we understand that the destination of a journey is part of its first step.

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