Ep 26. Cultural Transformation: How Visuality Does It

Posted by Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth   |  
Lean is capable of improving the operational profile of so many companies and fast Yet we ask: When lean turn arounds are so rapid, can culture be transformed as well?

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While it is possible, for most companies it is unlikely. And while many techniques impact the work cultural, none in the view of host and visual expert, Gwendolyn Galsworth, is more powerful than visuality in transforming a work culture completely and sustainably. This week Gwendolyn launches the first show in her Visual Leadership series and describes how visuality does it. Hear how and why her visual approach engenders fierce commitment and very personal expression. Learn how visuality creates connectivity in an enterprise, even tough ones. Understand the power of margin that slightest bit of internal personal space that can and does liberate human potential and trigger a spirited, engaged and unified workforce. Learn for yourself, why she says: visuality does not just support an aligned work culture. It creates it.

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