Ep 55. WTMS Infrastructure-Part 2: Your Improvement Time Policy

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If the destination of a journey is its first step, then what is the first step for a successful visual conversion? Tune in this week as Gwendolyn Galsworth, your host and visual workplace expert, continues to define the elements of your improvement infrastructure and the indispensable contribution it makes to every visual conversion.

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Just as a new city’s future depends on the design of a quality water system, electrical grid, and roads long before that city can prosper, so must the enterprise prepare for improvement success well before the first training class. After Gwendolyn revisits the Laminated Map and several new applications, she details the importance and process of establishing an official improvement time for your company. Learn the considerations in drafting this policy and how to operationalize it. If you are the ranking site executive this task will fall to you, along with decisions about the pace of change and the consumption of resources. Tune in. Learn more.

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