Ep 57. Great Training: Eight Physical Elements + Nine Long-Term Principles

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How important is the physical training environment for effective learning and application? In today’s show, Gwendolyn Galsworth, visual expert and your host, makes it crystal clear: physical factors are mission critical to your success.

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She then shares her list of eight indispensable physical elements, in telling detail and with lots of helpful hints. The training room must: 1) be large enough; 2) be clutter-free; 3) have the right equipment; 4) be quiet (noise and sound are not the same thing); 5) have good air; 6) be dark enough (to see visual solutions sharply); 7) have a workable layout (line of sight; good circulation; crescent shape); and 8) have water and refreshments on the inside (NO CHOCOLATE). Then Gwendolyn presents the first five of other nine effectiveness principles. “Inspire First/Then Inform.” “Start Small.” “Everyone Gets Trained.” “Make the Training Room Psychologically safe.” “Get and Keep Your Supervisors Onboard ….” Don’t miss this show. More next week!

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