Ep 2. First Building Block of Visual Thinking: i-Driven

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What is Visual Thinking? The ability of a person to recognize motion and the information deficits that cause it—and then to eliminate both through solutions that are visual.

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The result is a new companywide competency: people who know how to think visually—a workforce of visual thinkers. These thinkers see workplace problems in a new way and solve them using a set of principles called the Eight Building Blocks of Visual Thinking. Listen as host Gwendolyn Galsworth, visual system expert and award-winning author, introduces the first of these building blocks: i-driven. Listen as she explains how answering two i-Driven questions build visuality into the workplace. Join us and learn what those two questions are and how they engage all employees in creating visual devices. From operator to CEO, manager to planner, supervisor to engineer, this is the dynamic that makes visuality rich, relevant, robust, and sustainable—the key to an aligned and empowered work force. Let the workplace speak.

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