Ep 10. The Visual Where: Doorway 1 concludes

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What is the indispensable first step on your journey to a visual workplace?

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The Visual Where—the result on implementing borders, addresses, and (as applies) an ID labels for everything that casts a shadow. Operators who implement the Visual Where (5S) to their level of need often feel that the company is 90% through its journey to a fully-functioning visual workplace. Instead, fully-implemented, the Visual Where can only ever represent 15%-20% of the final outcome. In this week’s show, Gwendolyn Galsworth, your host and visual workplace expert, concludes her scan of Doorway-1: operator-led visuality. In it, she introduces the purpose, power, and function of borders. Then she walks you through the the basics of addresses and those small clusters of the visual where that she calls “visual mini-systems.” Tune in and learn more about the knowledge and know-how you need to inform and inspire value-add associates as they gain control over their corner of the world. Let the workplace speak.

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