Ep 9. Doorway 1: The First S is for Spirit

Posted by Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth   |  
Companies dream about cultural transformation brought on by 5S. But it rarely occurs. In fact, quite the opposite: 5S can turn a growing culture into a dust heap at the very first step—getting rid of junk.

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Tune in to Visual Workplace Radio this week as Doorway 1 continues. Hear Gwendolyn Galsworth, your host and leading visual workplace expert, finish telling the story of Charley and his table—and the mistake made in the name of 5S neat and clean that Charley (and many others) never recovered from. Hear what really makes 5S a success. There’s an awful lot at stake. In the 5S reconfiguration Galsworth has developed over the past 30 years, she puts value-add associates front and center and lets them lead the change—a change in heart and in the physical workplace. She calls it “Work That Makes Sense,” a powerful, proven methodology to convert the HOW, WHAT, and WHO of letting operators get control of their corner of the world, visually. Listen/learn more. Let the workplace speak.

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