Ep 22. Journey of the I: From Struggler to Self-Leader 3

Posted by Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth   |  
How do visual principles and practices create heroes at work? What are the mechanics?

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In this third show in her series, The Hero Within, your host and visual expert, Gwendolyn Galsworth, un-nests the power of the two questions that drive workplace visuality: What do I need to know? and What do I need to share? This is the journey of the I. Building on last week’s discussion, Dr. Galsworth maps out how the first question builds self-sufficiency—and the second builds self-leadership among team members and across departments. Each question is designed to help individuals shift their identity as they build the details of their operations into the living landscape of work through visual devices. This impact is huge. That’s when managers and executives realize they are not just investing in a 15% to 30% increase in productivity when they bring visuality on board, they are also cultivating a spirited and engaged workforce—heroes at work. Tune in/Learn more. Let the workplace speak.

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