Ep 23. Parable of the Rowers: Indifference, Resistance, Touchdown! 4

Posted by Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth   |  
Do we really have to like all the people all the time—especially if “some people” are not cooperating with our very important improvement agenda?

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Can’t we just make them? Or are we forced, in today’s PC-zealous world, to “show respect” for everyone—even when some are clearly indifferent to the corporate intent and others actively push back? Join us this week as your host, Gwendolyn Galsworth, shares her take on this tricky scenario. Listen as she shares The Parable of the Rowers. What does she advise? Don’t cave in and sacrifice your improvement vision. And don’t push your agenda strenuously. Instead learn the telling difference between inertia and resistance—and how to handle both. Keep your eye on the main event: getting visual improvement going and growing in the company. To do so, you may have to learn a new and very different way: allowing, even encouraging, people to be themselves, without fear of penalty—even if they are grumpy. Let the workplace speak!

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