Ep 30. OSIT: A House Worth Building/Your Improvement Horizon

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Have you seen this? Executives in front of dashboards and LCD monitors, eating up KPI and OEE data. Some, real time. Executives love it. We ask why.

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The answer is simple: Because they get answers to the question: “Should I worry—or can I relax?” This week, Gwendolyn Galsworth, your host and visual expert, explains that such tools provide executives with information but not with meaning, context or direction—without which executives cannot function effectively. As remedy, Galsworth presents the first of her top three visual tools to help leaders decide and drive (their job): Operations System Improvement Template/OSIT. At first glance, OSIT may look like just another version of the Toyota House (temple), capturing key TPS elements and ready for the office wall. But when fully understood and used, OSIT becomes the premier tool for defining the company’s corporate intent and connecting that to the strategy and principles required for stability and then dynamic growth. Tune in/learn more.

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