Ep 31. OSIT/Part 2: The Nine Elements

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What does it mean for a leader to name the horizon? And why is that important? When a leader names the horizon, he names where he wants the company to go together.

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The horizon is the destination (for example, a 40-Day Engine). Join Gwendolyn Galsworth, your host and visual expert, as she continues her description of her Operation System Improvement Template (OSIT). “Deciding,” she tells us, is where visual leadership begins. The nine OSIT elements provide the foundation for this, allowing the leader to name: 1) customer; 2) vision; 3) mission; 4) values & beliefs; 5) strategy; 6) macro metric; 7) strategic principles; 8) tactical systems; and 9) methods. Attempting to run your company without a fleshed-out OSIT, she says, is comparable to the difference between skiing down the powdery slopes of your favorite mountain—or getting caught in a blizzard on that same mountain, without skis, without food, without a compass, and without anybody even knowing you are there. Tune in/learn more.

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