Ep 41. Borders: a Function, not a Line (3)

Posted by Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth   |  
How can a line impact performance? After all, it is merely—as John Casey, noted 19th century Irish mathematician, stated—”a straight one-dimensional figure, with no thickness, and extending infinitely in both directions, without any ‘wiggles’ along its length.”

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Why not change the paradigm and turn your “lines” into functions, renaming them “borders.” Liberated from their restricted past, your newly-defined borders are now free to trigger a revolution in operational improvement. Listen this week as Gwendolyn Galsworth (your host and visual workplace expert) completes the 12 reasons for borders and her march through the 18 border types. Learn about person-width and photocopied borders, range of function, dashed, and slanted borders. Hear about directional and double-function borders, borders as controls, barriers and foam borders, and another visit to time-based borders that allow operators to apply core lean principles while retaining a powerful visual focus. Let the workplace speak.

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