Ep 40. Borders: The Pattern of Work-The Power of the Mind

Posted by Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth   |  
What happens when your 5S lines find a new life and new purpose as borders? What difference does that make—and why is it important?

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Tune in this week as Gwendolyn Galsworth shares how borders produce excellence, ownership, and commitment on your operational floor. That HOW is directly linked to the brain’s relentless effort to find and interpret visual data. This pattern-seeking mechanism of the brain is both built in—and as involuntary and insistent as our heartbeat. Listen as Dr. Galsworth tells the story of her own discovery of this remarkable function of the mind when an operator team implemented a set of borders that transformed the behavior of forklifts drivers—to everyone’s happy surprise. Hear about the unbreakable connection between the pattern seeking capacity of the brain and the built-in capability of the human mind for continuous improvement. Borders have an incredible power to transform even as they create a sense of safety and alignment. Let the workplace speak

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