Ep 43. Borders: The Work Horses of Operations (5)

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Borders are the—and yet are rarely utilized to their full potential. Over the past four shows, your host and visual expert, Gwendolyn Galsworth, mapped out the vital importance of border—as one of the three elements of the visual where and the most powerful.

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Then she walked through the logic of borders and why you apply them to everything that casts a shadow—from easy-to-move items like benches, carts, and WIP to items bolted in place like machines, tall shelves, sinks, and so on. You also learned that, as you get smarter, your borders will get smarter, reflecting not only your operational intelligence but the inexhaustible spirit of continuous improvement. You learned that borders boil down to brain function and the pattern of work. Last week Gwendolyn mapped out the first four of the seven elements that turn borders into a thinking system for operators: impact/results, brain function, and info deficits. This week she concludes with the final three. Let the workplace speak!

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