Ep 44. Work That Makes Sense: The Book (1)

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What can a company expect from associates in terms of improvement and ownership? According to Gwendolyn Galsworth, your host and author of seven books, a great deal more than they ever imagine.

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Today she begins a new series on her Shingo prize-winning book, Work That Makes Sense. In the words of Brent Allen, VP/Operations at Lifetime Products and its WTMS Champion: “I have been a student of management for 30 years, read countless management books and gone to many seminars. I have never found a better, more powerful system of transformation than Galsworth’s. That comes through on every page of this book. She does that better than anybody.” Listen as she shares why 5S specialists, trainers, and coaches welcomed her WTMS book as an antidote to the array of their own mistakes in trying to implement Japanese-style 5S in the West. As Rhonda Kovera, president of Visual Workplace Inc./Michigan, put it: “…I feel sure that anyone who reads this book will never confuse 5S and visual again.”

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