Ep 47. Benefits & Building Block 1: The Need-to-Know (4)

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What are the benefits of making the workplace speak? What drives visual work inventions that result? In this week’s show, your host and visual expert, Gwendolyn Galsworth, describes the seven benefits of workplace visuality.

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Benefit 3/the practicality of visual thinking itself. Visuality is not merely about abnormal vs. normal; it’s about increasing flow by minimizing struggle. Benefit 4/the power of making a partner out of the physical work environment. When you give a voice to inanimate objects through visuality, you come to expect more from them—and they deliver more. “Expect more from the floor,” she says, “ than merely holding you up.” Hear how world-famous composer, Philip Glass and Gwen’s brother, Gary, (both NYC plumbers in their youth) got ornery pipes to loosen up—when Glass sang to them. Then Gwendolyn launches the eight Building Blocks of Visual Thinking, starting with the Need-To-Know, the foundation of i-driven visuality and an opportunity to establish tolerance at work.

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