Ep 53. The Three Outcomes: How Visuality Defines Success

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What does improvement success mean? What goals are universally relevant, making your improvement efforts worth the investment? Today, Gwendolyn Galsworth resumes her march through her prize-winning book, “Work That Makes Sense (WTMS).”

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Now on Chapter 3, she defines the three outcomes that all visual transformation targets. Outcome 1: Achieve a Visual Showcase, a work area that demonstrate high-performance visual performance. Outcome 2: Achieve trackable, bottom line results. Visuality does not attack KPIs directly. Instead, it focuses on transforming the physical environment so that struggle evaporates, and flow not only accelerates but is visually controllable. As a result, KPIs that need to increase, do so—and those that need to decrease, do that. Outcome 3 is to adopt an attitude of learning. As people implement WTMS, they change the process and change themselves in the process—including their thinking and sometimes even their attitudes. That’s what success means in WTMS.

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