Ep 4. Building Blocks 5, 6 and 7: Paulette Re-defines Her Value Field

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Why do we say that visuality is a new system of thinking? What’s new about it?

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The answer is found in the eight elements that Gwendolyn   Galsworth, your host and visual workplace expert, calls the “Building Blocks of Visual Thinking.”  In the last two episodes of Visual Workplace Radio, you learned about the first five of those: I-driven, Standards, Six Core Questions, Information Deficits, and Motion. This week Dr. Galsworth shares the final three: the definition of Work, the Value Field, and Motion Metrics. Listen as she explains the telling difference between primary and secondary value fields and why you can be sure you are in motion whenever you are not in your primary one. Learn how and why your understanding of your true value field evolves overtime as you begin to better recognize the true nature of work. Hear how 17 colleagues in a semi-conductor company outside Boston simultaneously experienced this as they watched Paulette Benedictus do her work. Tune in/learn more.

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