Ep 5. Ten-Doorway Model: Key to Creating a Workforce of Visual Thinking

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How do you create a workforce of visual thinkers? Why is that important? What does a work area function like BEFORE this happens?

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What is the impact of a pre-visual workplace? Join Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth this week as she introduces her 10-Doorway Model for transforming the negative power of a workplace that does not speak into a self-ordering, self-explaining, self-improving company—a visual enterprise. The result is: every organizational level (from operator to CEO) develops a visual language of performance, adherence, and linkages. As Gwendolyn explains, these 10 Doorways allow the company to target its transformation, cultivating within each organization function a new mindset that enables us to solve problems permanently and sustainably. When we liberate information through visuality, we liberate the human will. Liberated information has the power to shift our identity from simply do-ers to contributors—visual thinkers and self-leaders of improvement. Tune in/learn more.

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