Ep 15. Visual Displays/Doorway 3: Supervisors Gain Control

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Workplace information can change quickly and often—products, schedules, specifications, tooling, parts, methods, and the thousands of other details on which the daily life of the enterprise depends.

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How can busy (often harried) supervisors and managers stay on top of this ever-shifting detail and still make sound, timely decisions? The answer is: visual displays/production control boards. This category of visual function is Doorway 3 in the 10 Doorways Model. This week, Gwendolyn Galsworth (your show host and visual workplace expert) defines visual displays: physical presentations of multi-layered information in single, interactive formats. Their purpose? To enable supervisors and managers to see and grasp complex information at-a-glance, understand a situation’s status, and take correct, timely, and independent action. Tune in and learn how displays get developed (I-driven) and help you gain control over your corner of the world, even when the pressure is on. Let the workplace speak.

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