Ep 16. Visual Leadership: Doorway 4 — a scan

Posted by Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth   |  
Why do some executives and plant managers struggle to become effective leaders? What does effective leadership mean? How can visuality help leaders be more effective?

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In this show, Gwendolyn Galsworth (your host and visual workplace expert) scans the fourth door in her 10-Doorway Model: the making of an executive leader through metrics, problem-solving and hoshin (policy-goal deployment). To Dr. Galsworth the task of executive leaders is to: decide and drive. She does not embrace the popular but mistaken notion that effective leaders can only be born. Instead, she offers new leaders (and harried managers) a set of highly visual tools that—when learned, applied, and mastered—confers the holy grail of leadership: the ability to say YES to the few and WAIT to the many, with confidence and knowing. Along the way, she shares anecdotes that anchor her meaning—for example: Captain Sully’s emergency landing in the Hudson on that cold grey day in January 2009. Let the workplace speak.

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