Ep 7. Doorway 1/5S continues: Western Gaps and Cottage Cheese plus Fruit

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Have you been wildly successful in rallying hourly employees around the 5S goals of neat, clean, and orderly? Have you tried to motivate their commitment through compliance-based audits?

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Why not do as the host of Visual Workplace Radio and visual expert, Gwendolyn Galsworth, does instead focus your 5S on making the workplace visual. When you do, cleanup is about preparing the physical workplace to hold visual location information—the Visual Where. Go further she advises: Incorporate the term “visual” into the name of your process: Visual Factory, Visual Dock, Visual Quality. Or as Lockheed Martin did: 6S/Visual. Make juicy the sometimes-dry steps in 5S. Inspire visionary outcomes instead of only neat and clean. Incite thinking. Tune in this week and learn, for example, Galsworth’s plain but powerful way to join problem-solving with Shine/Scrub. Hear her tips on how to avoid the pitfalls of red-tagging while strengthening its vital center. Listen and learn. Let the workplace speak.

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