Ep 6. Doorway 1: 5S-on-Steroids

Posted by Roberto Nava   |  
Question: If 5S is so important, why do so many western companies fail at it?

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Answer: Listen to Visual Workplace Radio this week as host and visual expert, Gwendolyn Galsworth, shares her robust response as well as a rich cultural and technical explanation of how and why 5S works so well in Japan—but not in the West. Tune in as Dr. Galsworth starts to peel back the layers of concepts, principles, and practices of the first doorway in her 10-Doorway model for creating a workforce of visual thinkers. Doorway 1: owned by value-add associates who deploy the category of visual function she calls Work That Makes Sense (WTMS). Do not mistake this for mere industrial housekeeping or workplace organization. WTMS is more like 5S-on-Steroids! Listen as Gwendolyn starts to share the many innovations she designed to make the process work so well in the West. It will take several shows to tap into the richness of this doorway and what is possible. Hold on to your hats—and let the workplace speak!

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