Ep 8. S1: What’s the Big Deal? (Doorway 1 continues)

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What is the big deal in S1 anyway? What is hard about getting rid of junk? Why do so many companies fail at S1? Why are so many value-add associates disappointed—just plain mad?

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Where and why does this well-intentioned company initiative go off the rails?  Listen as Gwendolyn Galsworth, your host and leading visual workplace expert, answers these questions and more. Learn the three premises for S1 success. Hear about the real meaning of S1 and why so much is at stake when so-called junk is removed in the name of 5S—and the territorial imperative kicks in. Understand why S1 is the stepping stone to an empowered work culture and to a new kind of improvement leadership. Hear how most companies, in their rush to clear out the clutter, miss golden opportunities to use S1 to re-frame, re-align, and re-invent the work culture. A case in point: Charley’s story and what happened to him and his table in the name of neat and clean. Tune in/Learn more. Let the workplace speak.

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