Ep 34. Leader Tool 1/Supervisors: Visual Displays (Part 1)

Posted by Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth   |  
Change is never easy, especially when we are the focus.

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Join Gwendolyn Galsworth in the next show in her visual leadership series as she discusses the power of visual displays to help supervisors/managers learn the behaviors of becoming leaders of improvement. No longer harried expeditors of logistics, these hard-working lieutenants use displays to organize information into a single, centralized format so they can: a) see the dynamic relationship between complex layers of fast-changing data, b) derive meaning, c) make precise, useful decisions, and d) take timely, independent action. Through displays, supervisor gain control over their corner of the world, even when the pressure is on. Listen and learn how displays become the anchor for the supervisors need to know—morphing overtime into vital action centers for change. And, in the process of changing the workplace, these leaders-in-the making gain the internal margin they need to change themselves. Let the workplace speak.

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