Ep 35. Visual Displays: Supervisor’s Growth Platform (Part 2)

Posted by Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth   |  
Question: Don’t computers make visual displays redundant?

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Answer: No, the reverse is true; displays are often the only means by which we can, in real time, find and share data from multiple sources (including but not limited to from computers) and cultivate operational excellence. As importantly, displays provide supervisors with the margin and means to master daily dilemmas and become leaders of improvement, not merely logistical expediters. Join Gwendolyn Galsworth in this second installment of the indispensable role displays play in not just improving performance but, as importantly, in providing harried supervisors with that modicum of margin that allows them to grow and lead. Listen as Gwendolyn shares her “10 + 5” add-ons for building more powerful displays and a more actionable understanding of what production data really mean. Learn more as she describes the legendary impact Charles Minard’s visual display had in depicting Napoleon’s disastrous march on Moscow in 1812.

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