Ep 37. Chaos, Fractals & Leadership (1)

Posted by Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth   |  
Strange how most of us think that change happens—and how companies learn and improve. Stranger yet is how we seek to validate the progress we think we are making by identifying exact causes and the concrete logic of the physical.

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But what if an entirely different set of causes pertain? What if an all-but-undetectable logic produces tangible, physical outcomes? What if reality ain’t what it’s supposed to be? Yikes! Tune in this week when your host and visual expert, Gwendolyn Galsworth, takes you into the world of chaos theory, fractals, and morphogenic fields. Listen as she shares scientific and personal research about the largest gap in human knowledge: “What we don’t know that we don’t know.” The implications are compelling for all of us, leaders included. When leaders decide to deploy a structured process to move their organizations forward, forces are set into motion that will challenge that decision—even as other forces are triggered that invisibly support it. Tune in/learn more.

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