Ep 38. Leaders, Monkeys & Morphogenic Fields (2)

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Changing the consciousness of your company (and therefore its operational capability) can never happen through sheer dint of effort—as legions of exhausted and disappointed change-agents can attest.

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It happens when we tie into the deep force within us that is the source of all positive change. In combination with us, this force works to inspire, transfer, and translate the new thought. The kind of changes that take place as you implement, for example, the principles and practices of workplace visuality change the way that work gets done in your company — and change you in the process. This is what you want to happen. This is what is meant to happen. Tune in this week as Gwendolyn Galsworth, your host and visual workplace expert, completes the discussion she launched last week into chaos theory, morphogenic fields, fractals and leadership. Adding to this powerful mix, she shares the story of the 100th Monkey, tying its relevance to the transformation that every enterprise wants.

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