Ep 39. Borders: Unique & Indispensable to Your OpEx Journey

Posted by Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth   |  
Until a company understands the logic and power of borders, they are treated as merely so many lines—useful for neatness and order but not much more. Few people expect “lines” to improve performance; and they don’t.

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Borders, however, do. And mightily. Borders function. What a surprise to discover that borders (especially when combined with robust addresses) can measurably increase productivity enterprise-wide even as they build a spirited, engaged, and contributing work culture if none yet exists. If such a culture does exist, borders strengthen it, almost immeasurably. On this week’s show, Gwendolyn Galsworth (your host, author, and visual expert) presents the first of twelve reasons that validate the role of borders on a functional as well as cultural basis. Listen to this first in her new series on operator-led visuality, as Dr. Galsworth describes examples of seven of the 18 types of borders—so you can imagine/re-imagine the role robust borders can play in your company.

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