Ep 45. Getting Ready to Get Ready

Posted by Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth   |  
What would it be like if the floors, instead of just holding us up, actually helped us with our work? What if we could learn to make the walls, benches, desks, and tools active partners in our performance?

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Many people think they know what a visual workplace is. But it is so much more than is commonly understood. For one thing, visuality is a way to ensure that work not only gets done but that the physical work environment becomes an active partner in achieving work outcomes. Join us this week as Gwendolyn Galsworth continues through the pages of her book, Work That Makes Sense. Setting the stage, she describes the role of management. Then she addresses value-add associates directly, recognizing their pre-existing expertise and describes the further contribution they can make by learning how to think visually. After a clear definition of a visual workplace, Galsworth points out that visuality in the community is everywhere—but rarely in the workplace. Rarely does the workplace speak.

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