Ep 50. Info Deficits: Questions Asked But Never Answered

Posted by Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth   |  
When the outcome is excellence, what’s not to love? This week, Gwendolyn Galsworth continues her walk through her Shingo award-winning book, Work That Makes Sense—specifically Chapter 2: Eight Building Block of Visual Thinking.

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After she re-caps visual standards (Building Block 2), she presents the six core questions (Building Block 3): Where? What? When? Who? How Many? and How? When the answers to any, many or all of these six questions are incomplete, inaccurate, hard to find, or simply not there, the result is the negative performance environment called “the pre-visual workplace.” This is a workplace flooded with information deficits—and, therefore, flooded with mistakes, mis-steps, and danger. Info deficits (Building Block 4) are invisible by definition—findable only by their footprint: motion/moving with working (Building Block 5). Motion is the struggle that leads to bad performance, danger, a de-moralized workforce, and managers/supervisors whose only weapon is firefighting.

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