Ep 51. Value Field & Motion Metrics: New Habits of Mind

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Is operator-led visuality about thinking or doing? Answer: It is a system of thinking first, then a system of doing. This week, Gwendolyn Galsworth completes her discussion of the eight building blocks of visual thinking with the final two elements: value field and motion metrics.

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When your associates can define their value field, they begin to understand the balance point between moving and work—and moving and struggle. Dr. Galsworth illustrates through a mini case study of 17 grandmothers who began their visual conversion in a semi-conductor bonding cell in just that way. Couple that with motion metrics and your company has a powerful way for operators to define and measure their struggle, identify with their area KPIs, and own their behavior. Associates realize that, in a non-visual workplace, their hands, feet, and mouths constantly seek the vital information they need but can never find. Learn how the building blocks cultivate new habits of mind and let the workplace speak.

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